Meaghan Smith

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8 Responses to “Meaghan Smith”

  1. Alex :

    Great Voice! I’ve never been a big fan of Silver Bells, but I love this version!

  2. wil :

    Very interesting phrasing, particularly her take on Silver Bells.

  3. Ken Day :

    Wow. Meaghan is amazing. I love her voice and style. She will go a long way.

  4. James :

    Her Christmas EP, ‘Wish Upon A Star’ quickly became a family favorite on our drive across the US. Holiday music is definitely one genre that chafes against excess modernization, IMHO.

  5. Matt :

    The faux-instrumentals kind of creep me out.

  6. George :

    Seeing you for a day ago, few moments, here an ABC 2 station, neat.
    Looking forward to hearing your CD. Wish you success.

  7. Ken Day :

    I did a post previously, but I have listened to more of Meaghan since then, and she is just amazing. I saw a vid of her song ” if You Ask Me “, and it is so great. Plus, I just love ” Silver Bells “. Keep it up Meaghan. God bless.

  8. steve :

    Loved the show at the Ironwood. When will you come back out west? I’ll be there.

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