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10 Responses to “Laleh”

  1. Jade Leonard :

    This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this – thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Doug Waterman :

    Awesome stuff! And excellent site – this is def bookmarked!

  3. Nicholas :

    Good music.

  4. Georg Portenkirchner :

    Thank you for this song by Laleh. First time I heard her was in the Swedish film Solstorm (Sunstorm) that featured her wonderful song “Live Tomorrow”. Did not know she had a new CD this year.

  5. perivallon :

    Cool song. Nice music!I am really glad i found all these wonderful songs searching on stumble.

  6. Dennis :

    Great song / singer!!

  7. rosemary :

    glad i stumbled this site

  8. ali :

    Amazing voice and nice music.
    Hey Laleh… I love your song! keep going, you’ll be a star.

  9. ramin :

    very nice music , thanks to laleh , i love persian people

  10. jutarko :

    I love Laleh. She has a song called November that is just beautiful. Her last cd from 2012 is really good. She is one of my favorite Swedish singers. I buy all her cds from a Swedish company

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