Ólafur Arnalds

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17 Responses to “Ólafur Arnalds”

  1. Alexander Seidel :

    Nice one, I already wanted to send you this artist some time ago ;)
    I still like his album “Eulogy for Evolution” most.

  2. Dan Hauk :

    Wow, this video is simply beautiful and hypnotizing. I love this kind of chill music on a rainy day, or even just playing in the background while doing some work.

  3. Kandis :

    I’m speechless, this is amazing. I’m in love with this…

  4. Sebastien Guerne :

    Wow…the animation on top of the simply beautiful piece just…its indescribable!

  5. karl deeter :

    what a brilliant piece of music and video! how did you do it?! excellent

  6. Robert :

    it makes me very, very happy to finally see some of our music on one of my fav US blogs. thank you so much for the support. love, Robert

  7. David :

    Please, someone make the animations in this video an winamp visualisation.

  8. Wim Leers :

    Absolutely brilliant. Amazing.

    Thank you so much!

  9. muziqaz :

    Bought it. For myself and another copy for my parents. Thanks, brilliant piece of fantastic relaxation :)
    keep it up :)

  10. suecae :


  11. geroithe :

    absolutely heartbreaking. such amazing music!

  12. Toby :

    Beautiful piece this. This video has been floating around in the motion graphics community for a while, where I first saw it.

    So much great music on this site! Cheers.

  13. Maddie :

    Wow, just wow. This song is beautiful.

  14. Terry Ó :

    Bravo !

    Raein is perfection.

  15. Ian D. :

    WTF do they put in the water over in Iceland? Why does everyone over there just make beautiful things all day long?

  16. Sabina :

    Perfect rainy-day music. So simple, but so beautiful and melodic… definitely puts you in a mood.

  17. nico :

    I love this! will probably always be closely associated with balmorhea in my head, because those two make up most of my “library soundtrack” while I’m writing my final thesis. sometimes I feel that Iam wasting them listening to them all day, but their music is just so beautiful and relaxing.

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