Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling

indie folk // singer-songwriter

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jason Kanakis has been making a name for himself as a sideman for Aurgasm alum Cary Brothers, as well as Joshua Radin, Sara Bareilles, Rachael Yamagata and many others. While he has always been a writer and singer, Jason’s upcoming release is the first that is uniquely his own. “Anything,” which was written by Kanakis and Priscilla Ahn (another Aurgasm favorite), is a stunning preview from his new project, Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling. The track, which features Laura Jansen, is haunting and ethereal, and Laura’s delicate vocals are perfectly paired with Jason’s elegant instrumentals. “Anything” is a delightful showcase of Kanakis’ talents both in front of and behind the boards. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Let it wash over you.

Winsome vocals coupled with polished production.
Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling – Anything (feat. Laura Jansen)
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9 Responses to “Jason Kanakis and his Coalition of the Unwilling”

  1. beth thornley :


  2. TKTC :

    Loving everything about this. Every little thing. Beautiful collaboration and I don’t think it should come as any surprise that I’m waiting rather impatiently to hear it all come together!

  3. Side A Track 1 :

    Quite lovely. Sounds like a cross between Emmylou Harris and Mazzy Star.

  4. Em Sass :

    wow – well done J. can’t wait for more..

  5. Jake Levi :

    I really like the music on here and this website has helped me choose some really good albums which i’ve definately had my moneys worth from, but i found this song perhaps the best on here – does Jason Kanakis have any albums for sale? I checked iTunes, but couldn’t find anything under his name :(

  6. Michelle :

    @Jake – Unfortunately Jason doesn’t have an album out yet. Should be coming soon though! Meanwhile, you can check his MySpace for some other tracks: http://www.myspace.com/drkanakis

  7. Paul :

    This stuff is PRODUCED with taste. Thanks for the work. Will you be my producer?

  8. John :

    Great!well done

  9. Michelle :

    Just a heads up: Jason finally released his first EP on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic. The purchase links above have been updated accordingly!