Sonar Kollektiv Orchester

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6 Responses to “Sonar Kollektiv Orchester”

  1. John Book :

    This was one of my favorite albums of 2008, and would have been on top of my Best Of list if it wasn’t for Jazzanova, and Kylie Auldist. I was floored when Ifirst heard this album, and I’m still blown away by its greatness.

  2. Paul Irish :

    I hear ya. It’s a really solid piece of work. Thanks for dropping a line. Cheers.

  3. courvidae :

    This is one of the best songs posted since the site revamp. I can’t get enough of the string melody at the outset, and it melts me when it comes back again later in the song. Great pic!

  4. Robert Halvarsson :

    Epic… I must get this album. :)

  5. Michal :

    Really cool, though the name of the group is spelled Kollektiv.

  6. salima :

    outstanding. really inspirational… am cross posting this! thank you Paul.

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