Coeur de Pirate

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  1. smith3000 :

    Delightful. Wish I knew what she was singing about though – my o level French stretches as far as the titles ..

  2. maria.amelie :

    every time I check this blog, I always suprised over how beautiful music is you write about it, and how it always moves me in a good way. Thank you:-)

  3. pmhauer :


  4. amy :

    she’s incredible. where can i get the full album???

  5. mack :

    I m looking forward to nextupdate!

  6. Michel Lepage :

    I am from Montreal, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Coeur de Pirate on your site.

    She is generating a lot of buzz here in Quebec.

    I am just wondering, how you heard about her.


  7. Robert Halvarsson :

    I have to agree with the others. This kind of music makes me think that the world just a little bit more beautiful then it was just a moment before.

  8. Guuzbourg :

    it’s my French record of the year. I love her song Berceuse too.

  9. gary :

    Stunningly beautiful… Wonderful find. I hadn’t heard of her here in Toronto until this post. Thanks for sharing these tracks.

    How do you pronounce the name? My French pronunciation is atrocious :(

  10. Dana :

    Her cd is available at her label site… About $15 plus shipping. It’s great!!

  11. LetMeLikeIt :

    Great to see that you’ve also found this girl.
    I blogged about her on September 23, and a lot of blogs followed after.


  12. Simon Wright :

    My, aren’t you just a cute little trend-setter, aren’t you LetMeLikeIt! So cute!

    Get off my internets.

  13. Chanelleee ♥ :

    You can go on google, and have the song translated in english, so you could understand it ;) i’m french. but where did you get those franch songs ?:S

  14. Matt :

    Beautiful CD. Arrived in the mail just today. A real excellent find :) keep it up.

  15. Al E. Paakkola :

    Not since Joni Mitchell’s early works have I been so enthralled by a young Canadian female artist. Smash the ‘Idols’ and go with the real thing!

  16. Maura :


  17. PeaceLove :

    Expect a bump. You’ve been indirectly BoingBoinged:

  18. Serena :

    Where can you get her CD in the US?

  19. DANIEL :

    I fount this song on a google server and enjoyed it so much I simply HAD to buy it on iTunes. This pirate loves ceour de pirate!

  20. Regina :

    oh em gee
    this makes me want to pee
    because, you see, i drank too much tea and now i am a tree that is all i can bee one two three

  21. farraromiania :

    Сайт просто знаменательный, блоги тоже!

  22. Sally :

    Just heard a Pampers commercial that uses Comme Des Enfants in it.

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