Wallis Bird

singer-songwriter // folk

Currently living and working in London, Irish singer-songwriter and a self-taught guitarist Wallis Bird has travelled the world and began her career in Germany, where she formed a band with her musician friends. Wallis approaches her music with bold honesty and integrity as she moves beyond the female singer-songwriter stereotypes with her style ranging from grunge folk to buoyant and lively pop. Original and fresh enough to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, “Counting To Sleep” brings to mind the strength and openness of Ani DiFranco.

The strong melody and clever wit.
Wallis Bird – Counting To Sleep
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17 Responses to “Wallis Bird”

  1. Robin :

    Awesome! I think I’ve listened to this song a dozen times in a row and I still want more. I’m a huge fan of your site. There’s always a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed in your musical garden. Thanks for that. :)

  2. R. :

    Yet another artist to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Sirsparrow :

    As I’m irish myself I’ve known about Wallis for a while. She has a fair few good songs. Her lyrics could use a bit of polishing on some of her other songs, but she puts on a fun show live.

    It’s always good for a change. However, in Ireland she’s up against another new female singer-songwriter (Cathy Davey, which I recommend) and Wallis isn’t as big as Cathy, but hopefully she can improve in popularity. Nonetheless, she’s a good artist.

  4. John :

    Brilliant track… I loved it!

  5. Rebecca Corliss :

    This is fantastic. I’ve been instantly addicted to her sound. Amazing.

  6. Jake :

    This is absolutely amazing!

  7. Jeppe :

    A great mix of Ani Difranco and Jonatha Brooke…ish! :-)

  8. arw :

    end the ending of this song is amazing, voice is more than brilliant

  9. Secret Owl :

    Aww, she’s adorable!

    Wonderful song, but it’s just not my style. But I couldn’t resist commenting on an Irish lass. Who could?

  10. M@tt :

    Awesome site, I love it. Where do you stream the music from? where did you ge the player? I have a similar site, but with videos. good job

  11. Paul Irish :

    The music we host ourselves on our server. We use the Yahoo Media Player, search for that and you’ll see its a piece of cake to install on your own. (And I hear they’re gonna have it support videos as well.. )

  12. Vitor Cunha :

    Brilliant and fresh, beautifully crafted music. Thank you for the post – it was a beautiful new find.

  13. Ronan :

    Great post this. Wallis Bird never gets enough credit, not even over here in Ireland!

  14. Lana :

    Hey…Awesome!!I really loved it!

  15. Dan :

    Wow! Really beautiful voice! Awesome recording! Great find! Thanks!

  16. купить картину :

    Круто, спасибо! ;)

  17. АСХ :

    I agree with Dan!Really beautiful voice!