Addys Mercedes


Leaving her native Cuba to pursue her music career, Addys Mercedes has been recording in Barcelona, Duesseldorf and New York with her musician friends from around the globe. While Addys doesn’t bring anything innovative to the heyday of Afro-Cuban, it’s the energetic bouncing patterns that keep my hips gladly swaying to the rhythm. The spicy hot and pulsating afro-beat, solid production and a warm summery vibe of “Afro D’Mercedes” makes it the standout track of Nomad (2003).

Refreshing and undeniable tropical flavour.
Addys Mercedes – Afro D’Mercedes
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4 Responses to “Addys Mercedes”

  1. javejavor :

    Interesting and refreshing mix of an afro-beat rhythm and a cuban melody. Nice voice as well.

  2. Alex :

    Great jam – been listening to this kind of music more and more

  3. Alan :

    Great summer sounds! Perfect for the hot summers we’ve been having in the Philippines lately.

  4. rob :

    This pic looks like she’s pinching off some poop and now needs toilet paper.

    [Edit by Paul]: Gee. Aren’t you a classy gent…