Melody Gardot

vocal jazz // blues

Mature beyond her years, Philadelphia native Melody Gardot possesses a very natural musicality and a silky, versatile voice. While comparisons to the standards of Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux are justified, Melody’s confident grace and elegance shine throughout “Goodnite” and “Worrisome Heart”. With her tasteful and warm phrasing, moving seamlessly between the mellow old-time blues, jazz influences and acoustic folk, Melody captures the essence of the subtle beauty, confessional and timeless songwriting.

A young chanteuse on the rise.
Melody Gardot – Goodnite
Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart
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31 Responses to “Melody Gardot”

  1. Nathan :

    I love jazz, but I’ve never been a huge fan of vocal jazz, outside of Astrud Gilberto, but I like this very much.

    I can totally hear the comparison to Norah Jones.

  2. Shawn :

    Awesome! It makes me think of a female Tom Waits!

  3. Andrew :

    Great find as always! This is just the sound I’ve been looking for these days.

  4. Debbie :

    On the rise indeed.. “Worrisome Heart” is actually this week’s free single on iTunes !

    Good music, anyhow. She deserves the recognition.

  5. kindsaluv :

    always good music here, thank you for your fine selections

  6. David Horn :

    Oh – this is lovely. You should look at Jolie Holland too (especially her Escondida album) – great post, thanks.

  7. Julija :

    Debbie, thanks for the comment, I had no clue about the iTunes single :)

    David, glad you like it. Jolie Holland is a wonderful artist.

  8. G :

    Good timing, Julija.

  9. Julie :

    I just found her a few weeks ago and I meant to recommend her to you. Sure enough, you beat me to it. She’s a great find indeed…a bit esthero, a bit fiona apple, and all her own.

  10. Jim :

    I can always find good songs like this from here.
    Her songs I thing are better than Norah Jones.
    Great job!!!!

  11. golem09 :

    Great stuff, I instantly bought the CD at amazon

  12. David :

    I absolutely adore this artist. She reminds me of Corinne Bailey Rae.

  13. Sirsparrow :

    I really approve of this artist. It’s a genre i honestly haven’t listened to much before but I’m beginning to get an appreciation of it

  14. Tor Kristensen :

    This. Is. Lovely.

  15. Andrea :

    Smooth voice, has that jazzy spirit, makes me want to have a coffee and chill. Thank you for making us discover her.

  16. Bill Cabrera :

    There’s a very nice article about her at the nprMusic site:

  17. The mister :

    Just a question: Do you have permission from the artists/record companies to post their music here or how does it work?

  18. Paul Irish :

    The mister,

    About 85% of the time, we ask the label or artist for permission to post and get a response of “of course!” Sometimes we never hear back from the label. Only once have they ever said ‘no’.

    We’re apart from most mp3 blogs in this regard; only a few actually seek permission for everything they post. But Aurgasm readers have made it clear they prefer that, so we keep it a priority.

  19. golem09 :

    My CD just arrived, and I love almost all songs. Thanks for the music.
    I love Melody Gardot and Aurgasm :)
    Already the third CD I buy because of your suggestion
    (Oren Lavie and Maia Hirasawa are my favourite artist of 2007 :))

  20. thomas :

    Great songs. “Worrisome Heart” actually most reminds me most of Fiona Apple. Something in the tone of her voice. It’s very pretty.

  21. The mister :

    Paul Irish: I see, I know you don’t usually post music from big commercial labels but I think I saw one or two or them “” do these major labels say yes too?

    Isn’t it strange that the others sites are not shut down or sued since they host the very file on their servers for everyone to download and listen to (as opposed to a torrent file for example)

    Thanks for answering and sorry for posting the question here but the contact form didn’t work.

  22. Georg :

    Really great. Love it!

  23. Den :

    Very Relaxing. I love her songs!

  24. Ken :

    Marvelous. I love how sultry she sounds. Delightful find, as usual!

  25. Vince :

    Not only is she a talented, beautiful young lady, but she’s very smart, very conversant, and kind. I had the pleasure of chauffeuring her around Los Angeles one evening and she’s a delightful young lady.

  26. Paul :

    This woman blows me away! I believe I saw her with Herbie Hancock on some video music thing. Awesome

  27. ObiWan :

    i was listening to “baby i’m a fool”, she’s very very good.

    PS: i just discovered this blog yesterday and i gotta say it’s brilliant, great job lads, keep it up!

  28. tommy lagrassa :

    her voice opens a window to peace and poetry

  29. missy dudley :

    I must say that this young woman has captured my heart with her intruguing melodies and amazing arrangements–I work in a medspa and have introduced Melody’s music to my clients and they all have loved her.–BRAVO

  30. Penny R :

    Well now, don’t know how to mention this! We are at Birmingham Symphony Hall waiting for the Melody Gardot gig to start – have just stumbled upon the most fantastic exhibition of South African photographs by Pogus Cesar. Absolutely brilliant images!!!!

  31. Jason :

    Penny – I agree with you, the exhibition pics are astounding. Only one problem – not enough of them. Give us more Pogus?