Mexican Institute of Sound

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8 Responses to “Mexican Institute of Sound”

  1. Charles C Stirk Jr :

    Sweeeeeeet thanks

  2. GSD :

    Right up there with Nortec Collective & leagues better than Pacha Massive!

    Wonderfully organic!

    Thanks ALOT.

  3. Steevo :

    Did something happen to “A Girl Like You”? I can’t listen to it. Just wondering if the file had been removed already or something.

  4. Andrew Ladd :

    Edit: Sorry, “Girl Like You” should be working now. Just a little glitch from when we moved over to WordPress.

  5. audiotaco :

    they remind me a lot of nortec collective (who are great live!). thanks for the recommendation.


  6. adingbobo :

    ooh.. i LOVE this. thanks !

  7. seb :

    El Microfono is one the best songs i heard in a while

    ill give you the credit for a great find!

  8. Brian :

    Absolutely loved the first one… Mejico Maxico…still listen to it regularly. Highly receommend it! Can’t wait to check out this latest.

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