Ferraby Lionheart

singer-songwriter // indie folk // bedroom rock

Ferraby, an LA-born, Nashville-raised, Los Angeles-returnee, recorded his self-titled EP in his bedroom, and the intimacy of that fact is echoed in all of its tracks. Each one is brimming with honesty, optimism and a touch of vulnerability. His tenuous voice and the folky-upbeat tone of his songs is an addictive and comforting combination. Even though he recorded his newly released LP Catch The Brass Ring, in a large studio, none of this intimacy is lost. According to Ferraby’s biography, “He wants people to care about the planet. He wants people to care about other people.” Lion-hearted, indeed.

Music that makes you ache and smile, all at once.
Ferraby Lionheart – Call Me the Sea
Ferraby Lionheart – Small Planet

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8 Responses to “Ferraby Lionheart”

  1. Jacob :

    Small Planet is simply beautiful.

    As always, thanks Paul and company.

  2. Angela :

    Ferraby Lionheart is wonderful. I really enjoyed Tickets to Crickets and these two are great as well. Thanks for the superb music

  3. Mickey :

    This is wonderful!


  4. tom :

    Thanks to all of you! But especially Michelle Lee, she’s been posting the most gorgeous music lately!

  5. canasian :

    I saw him in front of Mason Jennings. It was just him and his guitar and he was just so chill. Definitely ear-catching. It’s good to see him on here.

  6. Andrew :

    Love this guy – he’s absolutely fantastic, great sound.

  7. Farrah :

    Wow. This is my first time on the site.
    The music is absolutely amazing.
    Lovely to see conscientious artists like Ferraby are getting noticed.

  8. Name: Luis J. Lizarraga :

    I love you my Ferraby!