Under Byen

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  1. Jeff :

    Under Byen is magical. Very amazing stuff.

  2. Adam :

    If there was any justice in the world, “Den Her Sang Hander Om At FÃ¥ Det Bedste Ud Af Det” would end up on the soundtrack for some indie movie as soon as possible. I didn’t go for “Byen Driver” so much, but that one is amazing.

  3. troels :

    Just to translate:

    “Under Byen” – Under the city
    “Byen driver” – The city floats
    “Den her sang handler om at fÃ¥ det bedste ud af det” – This song is about getting the best out of it.

    They come from the same city as me, and yes, they are pretty amazing :)

  4. Rori :


  5. John :

    Just went and got as many of their albums as I could find, and am fully and completely enjoying them. Thanks *very* much for this recommendation!

  6. Jake :

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting a very “Sigur Ros” feel from them. Either way, I like it.

  7. bocaAbore-tool :

    hvad jeg ledte efter, tak

  8. Käthe :

    I really lovelovelove Under Byen. Rescued my spring indeed.
    … any of the native speakers… e.g. troels?
    Would you mind translating me “Den her sang”? I need it for a very personal project for university trying to get the best out of the internet (hahaha), but even the title makes more sense to me, since I’ve read troels translation (some translation whatever calls it “…abaout making the best…” which is quite different).
    I’d be really pleased if someone would do me this favour!

    Thanks alot,

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