Worm Is Green

indie electronica // icelandic post-rock

Like being broadcast out of an Icelandic radio tower, Worm Is Green comes into frequency beset by tweaks, intermittent tones, and an ethereal voice. Then a lethargic squelch escorts you onto a slow but scenic dirge. These days I almost exclusively listen to music released in 2006 (blame it on the blog), but Green’s 2002 record Automagic is one of the few exceptions that won’t let go of me. Maybe its the sub-60bpm tempos. Perhaps its eclectic use of acoustic and electronic instruments. But what I really think is…

They’ve got a stranglehold on that feeling that you just can’t put words to.
Worm Is Green – The Robot Has Got The Blues
Worm Is Green – Undercover
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12 Responses to “Worm Is Green”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Worm Is Green have a new CD, Push Play, coming out in early 2007. While they didn’t give me permission to share it’s music, it’s worth seeking out.

  2. MJ :

    Beautiful and moody, I can’t stop listening to “The Robot Has Got The Blues”. You’re right about that inexplicable feeling. :)

  3. Paul Irish :

    Ha! You nailed that word I couldn’t think of! Thank you, ma’am.

  4. André :

    Beautifull, calm and I’m in love with the little hidden instrumentals =)

  5. MJ :

    :D You’re welcome!

  6. Scarlet :

    ooh, this is beautiful.

    although the band name kind of sucks.

  7. Anonymous :

    their new cd is out and has been out for a while in iceland (if you can get it from there…)

    it’s playing right now on my computer :)

    ps they were great live when i saw them with einar orn (of the sugarcubes) in reykjavik a few years ago!

  8. jlj :

    I found Worm Is Green when browsing iTunes for covers of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart (Track 3 on Audiomagic). There were loads of them, some good, many that sucked. I guess I liked this combination of dreaminess and kind of sharp, edgy rhythm.

  9. Mars :

    Truly beautiful.

    After listening to these sample MP3’s for over a month, I just bought & downloaded the whole album at eMusic.

    Thanks for keeping this up!

  10. Angel :

    They are definitely great.No doubt about it.

  11. BlueObjectDesign :

    You nailed it on that feeling my friend. I’ve done much artwork while listening to Automagic. Kind of lame these guys aren’t getting more attention, I feel they are one of the genuinely innovative and original acts in the industry as a whole.

    btw. I can’t find where to purchase the new album anywhere. Not even Amazon. I’m not the least bit interested in downloads – overcompressed poor audio quality music just ain’t for me I guess – any idea where I can get a hold of a physical copy?

  12. Paul Irish :

    the new one wont come out till April. And that’s probably the european release. Watch amazon.uk and WiG’s website.
    Good luck!