Copyright Conflict: The Aftermath

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  1. Paul Irish :

    Some technical details
    Web geeks might enjoy a little bit more of the backstory I uncovered:
    + On October 24th, the Open Dir blog, which features open directories of mp3s to download, happened to mention my music directory. (This reddit page archived the feed)
    + On October 26th (two days later), I got the DMCA notice from the IFPI via my host, Dreamhost.
    + On October 28th, the opendir blog ( disappeared and was mysteriously replaced with a celebrity news blog.

    What’s the lesson? Don’t leave directories of sensitive files wide open.

    Also a big thanks to my buddies at the ‘vanilla’ forum.

  2. Hilco Klinkert :

    Good luck upgrading and expanding, which will probably cost you a lot of time besides actual work ;) But I’m sure it will be appreciated. By me in any case.

  3. runman :

    Damn, so that’s what happened to opendir.
    I’ve grown quite comfortable with the look of aurgasm, don’t mess it up when you re-hash Paul :))

  4. Anonymous :

    This might help a bit

  5. moka :

    glad to see everything’s being solved-. Keep up the good work, Paul :]

  6. chris :

    Thank you for pursuing this. It makes me happy.

  7. ndavies :

    I was a bit surprised during my flight home this morning to find your blog featured in Southwest Airlines’ inflight magazine. Think it even had a quote, so I assume you’re aware.

  8. Paul Irish :

    Nick, I had no idea! And my brother flew Southwest today, but said he didn’t page all the way through. He’s gonna pick up a copy on the way back. Great news! thank you, sir.

  9. Jamina :

    I’ll be looking forward to the update :D I’m glad this whole conflict didn’t end up as bad as it could have been.

  10. Gunnar :

    Keep it coming, Paul!

  11. jennings :

    Keep on man . . . Aurgasm is one of the best.

  12. negmedeen :

    hey, yeah, I found out about you through Southwest’s inflight mag on the way to a gig…was already a big fan of soul sides so thought I’d check this out

  13. Scarlet :

    congrats on the press, and good luck with this copyright shite.

  14. matt :

    Yo Paul !

    CONGRATS! on the Guardian and Southwest Airline articles. As Borat would say . . .”Very Nice!”

    glad the copyright issues are more or less sorted out. Hard to imagine that most artists (except the major labeled) wouldn’t want the major exposure you provide.


  15. Anonymous :

    I found this site shortly before the copy right issue. I bought the Lily Allen CD based on the strength of the songs I found here. BTW, love the site. It is how I find new music now.

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