Kaki King

guitar // progressive folk

Busking in the New York City subway convinced Miss King that pursuing a career in music was worthwhile. Passerbys would ask for CDs, and while she didn’t have them initially, a performance at The Knitting Factory and a chance encounter with Velour Records head Jeff Krasno changed all that. Kaki King’s notoriety developed from her fret-tapping technique (video) featured on her earlier instrumental CDs. With her latest release, her imaginative songwriting and manual talent meet her tender voice.

Tranquil and honest songwriting.
Kaki King – Second Brain
Kaki King – Yellowcake
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5 Responses to “Kaki King”

  1. Jake :

    Kaki King! I remember to listening to her music long ago, and I had completely forgotten about it all until now. Thanks for the reminder, AND the wonderful music, Paul.

  2. JRI :

    Love the fret-tapping in the video – very creative, melodic – great stuff

  3. Sam :

    She afraid of the microphone? Turn up the volume a little. What’s the point of writing a thoughtful song if we can’t hear what you’re saying?

    “Yellowcake” is a beautiful song, but it sounds like she’s trying to hide behind the instrumentation and harmonies. It’s a shame too, because she’s got that beautiful clear-as-a-bell voice.

  4. Jodi :

    Interesting… and very pretty.
    Bizarrely (to me) it sounds a lot like some of the stuff I was working on a couple of years ago… but much more polished, not to mention actually finished, and such with a rather nice voice.

  5. nico nss :

    Cette nana est terrible ! J’adore ! :)