Mara Carlyle

romantic vocal jazz // acoustic

Mara Carlyle has good and talented friends: her husband Andy is in Plaid and they both are friends with Matthew Herbert. Mara has tried many genres, singing with Plaid (who helped with the final touches of her debut album) and the Matthew Herbert Big Band project, Jamie Lidell and Dani Siciliano. She plays the piano, the saw, made jazzy ukulele cover of Lidell’s “Game for Fools” and in one of the interviews talks about her first DJing experiences. The Lovely (2004) is a mixture of jazz elements, classical styles, folk and electronica.

Sweet and slightly menacing fairytales.
Mara Carlyle – Baby Bloodheart
Mara Carlyle – Game For Fools (Ukulady Mix) [Jamie Lidell cover]
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3 Responses to “Mara Carlyle”

  1. Roland :

    Gotta love how everyone collaborates with everyone. Thanks!

  2. Ipofrigio :

    She concocted a lovely and tasteful rendition of Schumann’s song “Ich Grolle Nicht” (from Dichterliebe) in the form of a jazz ballad/torch song, “I Blame You Not”. Very clever.


  3. Kenji :

    beautiful old-fashioned powerful jazzy voice

    great! ;-)