Fat Freddy’s Drop

kiwi reggae-soul // dub

I can’t say that you Aurgasm readers often tell me what music I should be hearing (lord knows I get an earful from promoters), but one name that’s been thrown my way many times is Fat Freddy’s Drop. And if the popularity of the last multi-reader suggestion, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, is any indication, you’ll likely enjoy these guys as well. Not content with whipping up killer beats, they often lay down soulful R&B vocals to glide effortlessly into your ears. Last year, this seven-piece set picked up all four New Zealand Music Awards they were nominated for, as well as scoring Gilles Peterson’s Album of The Year.

Dubbed out groove from down under.
Fat Freddy’s Drop – This Room

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Wandering Eye

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6 Responses to “Fat Freddy’s Drop”

  1. Adski :

    Sweet as bro, these tunes are choice.

  2. Guuzbourg :

    brilliant band, saw them live and fell in love with Joe Dukie’s/Dallas’ voice. Bought every track he sings on. Try Recloose’s Dust, or his duet with Clara Hill.

  3. RobM :

    Very slick, their whole album. You can also hear Joe Dukie guesting on the Dutch Rhythm Combo release Venom (Soul Seduction.com for listening sample…)

  4. Anonymous :

    Great song. Thanks for posting. Album is on my wish list.

  5. Jemist :

    Ah ha! You’ve already done it!

    (How about New Zealand funk stuff? Open Souls… http://www.opensouls.nz)

    Finest of the new deep funk scene, blaring drums (the sound is brutal in immaculate), and incredible soul singer yo.

  6. Nicolaj Thulin :


    Really nice track, and a nice site too.

    You should take a listen to this tune too:
    Boozoo Bajou – Take it slow

    It’s the singer from fat freddy’s drop. A very good track.