Brisa Roché

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  1. Karsh :

    Great first post! I am particularly fond of “Torchlight” and “Sugarfight”.

  2. Runman :

    Cool post Julija, welcome and thanks.

  3. Peecat :

    Wow! I like both tracks a lot…thanks for turning me on to her…

  4. sabas :

    good 1st post Julija.Phil is tired and old?! lol

  5. Anonymous :

    wow, amazing. thanks for these

  6. Julija :

    Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoy the tracks.

  7. The Frenchman :

    Hello mates! Just wanted to inform you about mu humble blog where i write about swedish music. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

    PS: I update the site daily and I write about all kinds of music.


  8. Mike :

    Find out more about Brisa at my blog:

  9. Anonymous :

    her mouth looks very strange. hm.

  10. jay morgans :

    check out

    especially difranco wants me.mp3

    a must for all chick folk fans, no doubt

  11. Anonymous :

    Oho, cia ir lietuve raso :)

  12. Julija :

    Taip, raso. :) Next time leave more comments and in English, please. :)

  13. EmaJUa :

    No files available!? :((

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