Reflex Reaction: Audio Valentines

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28 Responses to “Reflex Reaction: Audio Valentines”

  1. Nottke :

    QC: Cute and endearing. Compells me to tickle-attack my seven-year-olds.
    DD: Refashioning Ernest Ranglin with fresh hip hoppers is mad gangsta.
    CB: Juxtaposing acoustic sensibility with cinematic arrangement. Quite talented. Cute, too.

  2. Peter :

    Dancing Djedi – Mos Def chilling on the beach in Jamaica with his Uncle Ernest.

  3. Skoodog :

    clare: Arm in arm, on a porch swing, watching the rain.

    quartetto: How they did Valentine’s in the 1950s downtown Las Vegas. (or – Red velour, low light, and a martini with your sweetheart.)

    the rap one: This kid in high school used to do this dance called “the flow.” I imagine him doing that dance to this.

  4. Anonymous :

    QC: great! use this in my dance class: lots of fun

  5. orbital sentry :

    QC- Mid-week reassurance that the lulls are over, enter happiness.

  6. aaronwez :

    Un Bacio A Mezzanotte ~ Sunny and Smiles. Mid-day, on the town with my sweetie :)

    Body Surfin’ ~ Posturing for the posse when she’s not in the room.

    Love Me in the Morning ~ My new lover hears the midnight call of the heart.

  7. db :

    I see video clips:

    QC: cue Dean Martin, complete with cane and straw boater, making eyes at Sophia Loren.

    DD: I see an Afro Marcel Marceau doing the jerky moonwalk in a robot suit.

    CB: slow-mo falling rose petals (รก la American Beauty), but set in a banjo-pluckin little house on the prairie

  8. anthony :

    QC: Sneaking exuberant giggles while skipping after first kiss with new crush.

  9. kEma :

    QC: fragrant, touching, elegant
    DD: playful, dancable and amusing
    CB: tender, floating, soft and caressing

  10. Garrincha :

    DD : poor work on the Ernest Ranglin original, with the lyrics from Body Rock just pasted upon it. Too bad : the pulse of the Ranglin is mad !!!

    QC : fresh ! Perfect soundtrack for a romance in southern italy

    CB : nostalgia – very pure & very addictive

  11. Elise :

    CB- Reminds me of a bluegrass/celtic festival. Nostalgic and homesick.

  12. Kerry :

    DD: Smooth reggae vibe and ill rhymes better served without electric piano.

  13. Brett :

    CB — Can she be my personal alarm clock? Smooth and lovely.

    DD — Fair to middlin’ — Summer songs always get points by default.

    QC — A leggy Italian brunette spinning her parasol on the boardwalk

  14. Runman :

    Liked the QC track, thanks Paul, and Nottke for the link .
    Some more tracks of hers here..

  15. Anonymous :

    QC – Cool – immediately brightened my spirits! I like it!

    DD – I try to be open to new stuff, but still don’t get the Rap thing…

    CB – Is OK…nicely done..

  16. nomisong :

    Un Bacio…: Perfect background music for montage sequence of lost Sex in the City episode.

    Body Surfin’: Messy as hell comared to the OG. Q-Tip needs to comeback better than this. So does Mos.

    Love Me…: Passionate with a dash of armpit hair. Lilith Fair artist for 2006.

  17. Dookie :

    good funk, bounce, reggae flavor, too disjoint to truly savor

    (but glad to hear it anyway, thanks)

  18. Christian :

    QC – sounds like something i would here as background music in a book store, great music

    DD – what hiphop should sound like, good production, great MC in mosdef

    CB – nice voice, reminds me of Lhasa De Sela, just english

  19. Anonymous :

    QC-sweet, fun, good mood music
    DD-good background music, not “listening” music
    CB-sounds like Aimee Mann

  20. Alex Hutton :

    QC- Nice, but a little too overproduced for me. Much closer to authentic than the other two tracks.

    DD-I’m sorry, but even Jazz guitar can’t erase my disgust for lyrics all about how some guy’s machismo is going to make the ladies drop their pants. Sometimes I wish Hip-Hop would take a hint from B.A.D. and try to write a song about something different.

    CB-Lady, if you’re so durn worried about this person loving you in the morning, then maybe you shouldn’t have slept with them. It’s not like you didn’t have a choice. As far as quality of music, Little Sparrow by Dolly Parton trumps it pretty hard. This one’s way too overproduced, like the Waif version of Justin Timberlake.

  21. Paul Irish :

    B.A.D.? Biological Aerosol Detection?

  22. Runman :

    B.A.D.? Baroque Artists Diatribe?

  23. Alex Hutton :

    Big Audio Dynamite, Sillies.

  24. courvidae :

    I find the responses to “Bacio a Mezzanotte” really entertaining, mainly because the song actually translates to Don’t trust a kiss at midnight! Oh, how two years of Italian come in handy.

  25. tressa :

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