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8 Responses to “Shrift”

  1. Hotty Potty :

    redeemed from the previous post

  2. Kenji :

    really nice sound.

  3. Chris Wilcox :

    light and inobtrusive ; dig it.

  4. runman :

    Chilled acoustic on a butterfly’s wing. Nice.

  5. Anonymous :

    beautiful pieces… but i think the first tune’s a corrupted file (sound dropouts) …shame

  6. heather :

    awesome! thanks paul. I had heard Underwater Love from a mix CD from a pal and really liked it. I am also digging this new sound. THANK YOU as always!

  7. Derek :

    nice post. I’d love to hear Underwater.

  8. Anonymous :

    beautiful sound. its light and easy to listen to. wonderful to listen to after a rough day

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