Reflex Reaction: Pre-release hip hop

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  1. Benji :

    HT: Unexpected maindstream production from one of hip hop’s realest cats.
    BR: Fire jam. Aggressive and groovable. Hah, nice Daft Punk sample!
    RM: Rolls out from the lounge room DJ nice, sweet and smooth.

  2. salchicha :

    HT: Pretty regular gansta-pop no?
    BR: Grandpa Rhymes a little touched.
    RM: Good jazz, not much funk

  3. Anonymous :

    HT – Snoop Dogg could not save that. Sounded generic – no groove (woot – 10!).

    BR – Ugh. The groove was too slow.

    RM – Nice. Good flow, bouncy, smooth.

  4. Rob :

    HT: Standard gangsta fare in pop-time with old school roots
    BR: Another Ryhme in time from Busta, same song different sample.
    RM: Smooth sounds in my ear, still listening to it here

  5. Leon :

    RM: Really liked it.
    Others: Standard, yawn-inducing ‘front’ promoting nonsense with no deviation from the norm.

  6. Anonymous :

    HT – i find myself growing more bored with each second.
    BR – i really like unintelligible, monotonous songs with uninteresting beats. really.
    RM – finally, something i can jam to in this set. i dig.

  7. Cliff :

    RM: Smooth , Slick, Groovy. Will live on my playlist for a while.
    HT, BR: *snore*

    (PS. I have a similarly interesting track for you)

  8. MT :

    ht: catchy bass, background “hey”, snoop can’t rescue unoriginality

    br: edgy, cluttered, original, boring

    rm: refreshing jazz sampling and no rapping, gets old quick

  9. Adonis :

    RM: This is pretty gangsta in a prohibition-era kinda way.

  10. Anonymous :

    HT – Boring Buckeye boasting.
    BR – 21st century minstrel robot porn.
    RM – Loops that lead nowhere.

  11. Anonymous :

    HT:hi tek fell hard of after reflection eternal, nuff said

  12. Anonymous :

    Hello there,

    Try this brazilian girl named Carol Costa:

  13. Anonymous :

    HT – Durr.
    BR – Just changing drum kit is not a viable compositional technique. (10!)
    RM – Nice, but when does the song start?


  14. soobrosa :

    HT: Even Mike Jones would fell asleep listenin’ dis. And you wonder why hiphop’s dead. Hi-Tek, you’d better be off listening baile funk.

    BR: Busta, you’re not Afrika, to sample European electro! If you need inspiration check out the 15-year old bootleg punters’ electrohouse version your classics.

    RM: Like an old, bad Slick Rick without Slick Rick.

  15. tom :

    HT: Tired MC’s run out of breath. Snoop asks nephew for three-piece dinner.

    BR: Fembot begs Busta to lick some robot pussy. Busta complies.

    RM: Hip hop for my white grandma that thinks she’s funky.

  16. Emperor Minge :

    so boring and generic i forgot i was listening and shut down my computer.

  17. Tangledmind :

    tanx alot man. you do a great job. i like no mercy’s song. can you tell me where can i find them to download?

  18. Ekko :

    solid blog, man. altho i pretty much hate everything busta ever does

  19. mike :

    busta – busted rhymes but a dope cut to dance to
    rocky – should have spit, pete rock devotee so not surprised at the quality
    hi-tek – unexpected? i think not. he’s aftermath in-house doggie.

  20. Anonymous :

    Hey Irish-

    Just saw the new ads. Let me know if they offset your operating costs and/or how much money you make.

    If they do well, I’ll start a similar dub/chillout/hiphop/underground mp3 blog if I can get the web hosting & domain name without having to pay for shite.


  21. Paul Irish :

    Hey Anon,
    who is you? email me contact info.
    (btw- they’re not making money) :-]

  22. cHUCk dA fONk fISHMAn :


    High Tek – Cinci does not need a song to rep it. Just listen to Zapp, Bootsy, Cameo, Isley brothers, Ohio Players. This is NOT the sound of Cinci, IMO.

  23. bob :

    bt- he didnt do his homework, lets hope he can make a better discovery next time.

  24. Jesse :

    Jesse sez, don’t call it a comeback, ’cause it aint!

  25. Anonymous :

    ten words? well, let me see… hmmm. i don’t know…

  26. Hemaworstje :

    I am a dutch farmer and f**k it if i know how i got here.

  27. LastAmericanBboy :

    One of the groovier situations I’ve been in for a minute!

  28. Anonymous :

    Touch it: Great original club banger! Busta is back with the lock on NY. THE BIG BANG in stores soon.

  29. Anonymous :

    Why not give a listen to: Pillow Logics new disc, Treason to Live, a wiry concept album that gives new meaning to the phrase, “Now, I’ve seen everything!” Ostensibly about a young girl who loses her shoes in a cockfight she mistakenly attends during Thanksgiving 1959, it’s really about the universal themes of loss, angst, candy and damp clothing. Taking its cue from the early commercial work of Deloite and Hughey and filtering it through the “I cut myself shaving” piousness of Throm Tillson, Pillow Logic re-works early sock hop chop flop and allows people like me to enjoy enjoying it.
    RATING: Two T-Shirts and a cup of jizz.


    Then don’t listen to Thar She Blows, the terrible new cd by The Original Apple Dumpling Gang. If you like shitty, regurgitated slop as evinced by the overlauded production team of Dr. Snagglepuss and Oppressor, then you’re gonna love this. Daring to delve into his worn out bag of used tricks, Dr. Snagglepuss turns to his old SugarSnaps partner, TreacherousFace ZombieHead, and spits out beats that sound like two dying frogs farting in your face. If that’s your idea of an aural good time then you’re probably the kind of person that likes early Faust meets pre-post-op Neutron Bitch also meets Blunder (with a nod to Iceland’s Achilles Healed) but then a fight breaks out and DNA Groove comes over and separates everybody and quickly escorts Neutron Bitch out through the service entrance where they make love on a pile of day old lettuce (like in the movies). Either way, T.A.D.G. do themselves a disservice by trying to milk some more milk from an aids infested cow called “their old music”. All in all it’s a big disappointment, but then again if you like aids milk then I guess this is for you. RATING: 2.shit

  30. Allan L. :

    HT – I was ready to hate, but I chilled. Great, save for Hi-Tek’s verse and Snoop’s ad-libs.
    BR – Couldn’t even finish it. Club snoozer.
    RM – I ain’t mad at this. I dig the horns.

  31. Anonymous :

    did read another single comment and not sure if anyone still this far down the page, but OH SNAP!!! that busta-bus track is STRAIGHT FIRE!!! busta takes a few years off and this is the first single from his new album? COUNT ME IN!ax

  32. Runman :

    HT: NUP
    BR: NUP
    RM: Coolest piece of intelligent funk groove I’ve come across in awhile. Malcom McLaren sample, brilliant.

  33. Anonymous :

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