acoustic guitar // tranquil indie rock

Interstellar are a Toronto duo, much like the classic team of The Skydome and The CN Tower (only less architectural). Their music is an odd blend of synths, vaguely manipulated vocals, and a soft, acoustic sensibility―guitars, crickety cymbals, and well-rounded chords. I got hold of a promo of theirs about a year ago when their last album was released, because Sean from Said the Gramophone was getting ready to move to another country and was trying to jettison the heaps of CDs he had lying around. I picked it, admittedly, because it came on a cool-looking mini CD, but its quiet charm turned out to be utterly captivating, so there you go: you can judge a CD by its cover. Comparison-wise, think Blue States, Bedspace, and maybe Departure Lounge.
Dreary and calm, like a cup of tea on a rainy day.

Interstellar – Painting And Kissing
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