acid jazz // jam band // electric funk

Britain’s answer to the Greyboy Allstars, Corduroy are an impossibly retro blend of Gat gun drums, chilled-out keyboards, and wah-wahed guitars that swoop and distort like a funhouse mirror. Dad Man Cat, their debut, swings effortlessly from laidback foot-tappers to frenzied, all-out blasts that squeeze dance moves from the most reluctant of limbs. ‘Ponytail’ is a good example of the former, with a theme like beer at a sunset barbecue; ‘Money Is’ showcases the latter, a driving melody from a Starsky and Hutch chase scene. And the album as a whole is just one great tune after another, every bit as good as having an actual band in your living room (better, in fact, because you won’t have to clean up all the cigarette butts afterwards).
Retro fun that’ll keep you hopping all night long.

Corduroy – Money Is
Corduroy – Ponytail
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5 Responses to “Corduroy”

  1. howard :

    Didn’t Corduroy used to be a band called boywonder? Anyway i saw them mid afternoon at Reading many years ago and they were fantastic – I was really surprised they made such a good festival band really, mind you if the weather had been different…

  2. marc :

    nice post, it kept the party going

  3. Anonymous :

    normally, the songs are so good, but this one reminded me too much of what i hear in an elevator.

    thanks for the introduction, but i think this is the first song i’ve deleted from this site…

    all in all, aurgasm still kicks ass! …so please don’t think i’m unappreciative, but this one just didn’t do it for me. just stating my opinion.

  4. IanB :

    There are so many mp3 Blogs out there but only a few are really worth Blogrolling, Aurgasm is one of those , thanks Ian

  5. Mike :

    As I was listening to “Ponytail” last night, I realized that it was the most perfect song ever. It was even better than “Multiply” by Jamie Lidell. And that’s saying something.