Four Tet

folktronica // indie electronic // post-rock

Just got my paws on a smooth new gem and found our friend Kieran Hebden tossing a track on. Everything Comes And Goes is an unusual take on a Black Sabbath cover album, full of “interpretations and mutilations” of classic Sabbath songs. Some, like Matmos’s sparse and sporadic “F/X”, feel more like inspirations from the originals; others take Sabbath’s songs and mimic them in alternative genres: country, space-rock, acoustic, and garage rock. The Four Tet stands out as the most polished and poignant song — delivering the melody you know, but in a new comfortable light. Just because I love the guy, I’ve also posted his skillfull take on “Breathe Me” by Sia Furler (vocalist from Zero 7).
An intimately acoustic and earthy sound.

Four Tet – Iron Man
Sia – Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)
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3 Responses to “Four Tet”

  1. mike :

    Thanks… I’m a big fan of dude, but I’d never heard either of these.

  2. timmy :

    thanks. i heard this on dublab a bit ago and found it on your site. i am now going to be a ruglar visitor. keep up the good work.

  3. Nimbvs :

    Wow… I love the remix; have u heard the Mylo remix?