DJ Format/Abdominal

conscious hiphop // old-school

I know you can’t see me, but I think it’s only fair to tell you that I’m not Paul Irish. I’m Andrew from #644, and Paul has kindly agreed to let me borrow his audience every now and then. Hi!
DJ Format has the remarkable talent of channeling the sound of laidback, funky hiphop, a feat all the more impressive since he’s an awkard white guy from the south of England. Abdominal is an MC from Montreal who’s as lyrically silly as DAISY age hiphop at its finest. Together, they blow my mind. ‘Ill Culinary Behaviour’ is irresistable, and ‘The Hit Song’ does just what it says on the box: hits the spot, every time.
Old-school hiphop from the old-school continent

DJ Format feat. Abdominal – The Hit Song
DJ Format feat. Abdominal – Ill Culinary Behaviour
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3 Responses to “DJ Format/Abdominal”

  1. Galen :

    Good stuff. I like. Especially Ill Culinary Behaviour.

  2. Andrew :

    Abs also has his own album, Flowtation Device, which is pretty decent; and DJ Format released a mix album last summer which I reviewed here.

  3. Anonymous :

    check his remix of aspects/little barrie “soul sister” GREAT STUFF