Deep Thinkers

innovative underground hiphop

I love my public library. I used to go weekly to borrow 18 CDs of random stuff I’d never heard. Sometime in 2000, I picked up a Best of Bellydance album to check out. To my ear’s surprise, Track 2 (Hossam Ramzy – Khusara Khusara) was the original song sampled for the number 1 single at the time, Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” (and now it’s used again in M.I.A.’s “Bingo”). Now if bellydance can work in hiphop, Deep Thinkers prove gypsy can as well in “Kiss the Sky”, albeit cut up in a deconstructed style alongside vocals from Wu-Tang and Busta. The Thinkers keep it creative in “Interruption with Substance” using a choice sample from Four Tet’s old folktronica group, Fridge.
A new imaginative, passionate, and conscious force in hiphop.

Deep Thinkers – Kiss The Sky
Deep Thinkers – Interruption With Substance

Fridge – Cut Up Piano and Xylophones
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7 Responses to “Deep Thinkers”

  1. Anonymous :

    that is funny.. i am a big hossam ramsy fan and i noticed that sample instantly and i thought it was so odd to hear in a rap song. wild. love the bellydance should try his more modern ‘eternal egypt’ cd.

  2. Sean :

    Nice work here, Paul. This track “Interruption with Substance” is exactly what I was hoping for. This reminds me of a cross between Deltron 3030, Ty, Atmosphere and Asheru & Blue Black.

    *Quality Hip Hop* with lyrics of substance.

    Very nice.

  3. Paul Irish :

    Hmmmm… looks like a couple other blogs covered Deep Thinkers as well. Whoops. I apologize for duplicating.

    Pick up the Fridge while you’re here — it’s worth a post of it’s own.

  4. Anonymous :

    I´d love to hear the Hossam Ramsy track if possible, i love hearing the original from which a lot of samples sprang..

  5. Anonymous :

    Same here. I searched for the Hossam Ramsy song on iTunes and found no match. If you could post it, we’d love it! Thanks.

  6. Paul Irish :

    Ask and you shall receive:

    MP3: Hossam Ramsy – Kusara Khusara

  7. Sean :

    What a good man, Paul. I read what Anonymous #1 and #2 said, and was interested to hear it myself. Thank you.