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5 Responses to “Cassius”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Also, if you’re interested, the video is pretty intense.

  2. rmacapobre :

    coolest blog i have chance upon in a long time. i have been looking for a way to load sound onto blog for free. how did you do it?

  3. R. Piggy :

    What if my judgement is bad? What if I regularly expect things that shouldn’t be? Couldn’t I then, in a round about way, expect said wailing guitars, strong vocalist, and raspy synth? Eh? What do you think about that crappy syllogism?

  4. Scott :

    hope your new years was a good one, keep up the kick ass posts for 2005!

  5. Caley :

    I’ve come around and like this a lot, thanks!

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