The Beatnuts

hip hop // east coast

The title “No Escapin’ This” is an apt one; because you really can’t avoid the hotness of this track. Heavy hittin bass slams you on a syncopated beat and a backup black chorus robs you of your own your complementary contribution; they’ve got this song pinned down. The Beatnuts have a production style so polished and perfect, meanwhile their beats sound natural, earthy and justly flavored. They hit the balance right.
The man Angad sez: ‘anyone who claims to know about hip hop should know who the beatnuts are.’ Set it off.

Beatnuts – No Escapin’ This

9 Responses to “The Beatnuts”

  1. Anonymous :

    The Beatnuts have been doing it correctly for a looong time. Yeah, it’s all pretty heavy on ‘bitches, ho’s, nuts, and guns’ but the rhymes are always tight and the beats even tighter. ‘Musical Massacre’ is one of their best, have you heard i?


  2. Paul Irish :

    Mike, I definitely have hit up that album. It’s hawt, no doubt. I was damn close to posting ‘Watch Out Now’, but had to overrule the most popular track in favor of my absolute favorite.

  3. R. Piggy :

    This is all correct. But I know how to wear a hat properly.

  4. EJ :

    Beatnuts forever die hard, motherf**kers. Bangin selection, Paul!

  5. :

    I’m glad I stopped by! I’d left the Beatnuts for dead a while back. After ‘Intoxicated Demons’ I really wasn’t feelin’ ’em.

    Guess who’s jumpin’ back on the bandwagon?

  6. darwin :

    Oh! Oh! Turn it out Oh! Oh my god Oh!


  7. Anonymous :

    Dis track reduces me to idiotic utterances like


    (sherrie –

  8. king selector pma :

    This joint is dope…it’s hype…it gets me amped.

    but not the best ‘nuts track.

  9. Paul Irish :

    Well, then please do share which your favorite is! Hit it up, sucka.