The Meters

funk // soul // 1970’s new orleans r&b

Ya know, sometimes I see this song floating around; I think Thank god somebody’s listening to it. But still not enough bodies are hearing this; it’s an absolute classic. It’s been sampled by everyone — from Public Enemy to Congo Natty. Picture this: a suave black brotha’ strutting down the city block after he had just kissed his sweet lookin’ honey that he just knows looks too good for him, but damn it, he’ll take it. And he is one happy, smug fella’.
The simmering convergence of meaty funk and hearty soul.

The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby

6 Responses to “The Meters”

  1. Paul Irish :

    This song has always been a fave, though I must acknowledge that the fine lads at scenestars posted this a while back. Biggups to EJ, Mark, Patrik, and Rachel. Them cats got some fine taste.

  2. Jim H :

    oy-yay…I’m melting from the aurgasm…

  3. R. Piggy :

    Why’s this blog so slippery? I give this a cloven hoof up.

  4. :


    You bring the funk so hard, it slapped my momma!!! I love the meters. You should post “Stormy”. Pure dope

  5. Les :

    Truly a NOLA classic

  6. Anonymous :

    Hot damn! I say, hot damn!

    Thanks – I’d never heard this.

    Off to buy some so I can have the rest!

    thanks very much for this great recommend