Bottom Rhythm Jam

jazz // thunder

Hopefully your speakers can fully embrace the percussive salvo of Bottom Rhythm Jam. Featuring Indigo Jam Unit‘s drummer, Takehiro Shimizu, and pianist Yoshichika Tarue, led by Kosuke Tsuji, with Gandhi on contrabass, this is the hardest hitting, relentless pounding jazz I’ve ever enjoyed. A ferocious and awesome Encounter binding earthly tremors to your body.

Explosive jazz from Japan.
Bottom Rhythm Jam – Crisis
Bottom Rhythm Jam – Core G
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3 Responses to “Bottom Rhythm Jam”

  1. Ronan :

    Wow! I don’t know where you find this stuff, but these guys are just amazing. Thank you so much.

  2. Mikael Makino :

    Thank you Aurgasm for taking the time to listen BRJ and writing about them. I wasn’t working for their label when this CD was released but I talked to Kosuke Tsuji about this recording at length last year and I thought I’d share some of the things he said. The CD Encounter was recorded pretty much like most Percussion Session’s CDs are, which means completely improvised and everything is recorded together in single takes with no overdubs or edits. Sometimes there’s a suggestion like “Let”s do something in 6/8” or maybe a phrase emerges during a coffee break that they work off of, but mostly it’s just a decision of who goes first and then everyone joins in as they see fit. Tarue was a guest on this recording. He happened to be in the neighborhood and came by the studio to say hello. Of course, the guys soon talked him into sitting down at the piano. Nobody had planned to have any piano on this CD, but that’s just how they work.

    Hope you guys like it.

    Disclosure: My work is related to BRJ.

    Mikael Makino

  3. Kyle :

    Mikael, thank you very much for the insights on this recording. I very much hope to see them or IJU live someday.