Miss Li

swedish pop // cabaret-jazz

Swedish pop is flourishing and the world can’t seem to get enough. At Aurgasm, we always want to give you more. Chances are, you might have heard Miss Li & Amanda Jenssen’s adorably catchy “Bourgeois Shangri-La” featured in Apple’s iPod nano campaign back in 2009. Here’s another opportunity to enjoy the groove. Miss Li’s latest release Beats & Bruises (2011) certainly shares current Swedish pop tendencies with such artists as Hello Saferide, Maia Hirasawa, Veronica Maggio and Laleh. Yet her vocal delivery, particularly in the standout “Forever Drunk”, brings to mind the velvety torch-style of Shivaree.

Late-night bittersweet serenades, delicious pop melodies.

Miss Li – I Can’t Get You Out Off My Mind
Miss Li – Forever Drunk
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3 Responses to “Miss Li”

  1. Bill :

    Great stuff. But itunes doesn’t seem to have the new tunes. Where can you get them?

  2. John :

    Bill, agree it’s good stuff, try YouTube to see more of Miss Li and yes, you can download though nice to support the artists by buying the tracks like I do.

  3. duke :

    Taking the same road that the incomparable Amy Winehouse already walked…