Alabama Shakes

southern rock // soul

Southern rock bursting with soul! Alabama Shakes amplify my love for music. Their powerful groove and vigorous energy makes me a little less sad about great 60’s acts I was born too late to see live. Janis Joplin meets Nina Simone rocking out with The Black Keys, shedding gleams of hope to shake loose dusty spirits.

Turn it up.
Alabama Shakes – Hold On
Alabama Shakes – You Ain’t Alone
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3 Responses to “Alabama Shakes”

  1. Goodfellow :

    Love this, have you Listen to Michael Kiwanuka he has a great 60’s soul voice!

  2. Imani Assata :

    Thank you for coming along in a time when most music just sucks so bad, with audiotune, and other devices used 2 make folks who can’t sing sale itunes. I am very happy now that I found you guys. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. peace.

  3. Nana Nauer :

    Am I the only person that don’t like this band?