Agnes Obel

chamber folk // singer-songwriter

Danish-born and Berlin-based songstress Agnes Obel possesses a natural sense of tone and melody as well as a truly faultless voice. The beautifully crafted somber folk melodies of her debut album Philharmonics (2010) linger in the air and stir the heart. While Agnes vocal delivery brings to mind the long-time Aurgasm favourite Ane Brun, the album ranges from romantic quirkiness of Joanna Newsom to echoes of Debussy. European readers might recognize the bright melody of “Just So”, as the song was used by German telecommunications company and played all over Northern Europe ever since.

Soft piano and haunting vocals.
Agnes Obel – Just So
Agnes Obel – Riverside
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5 Responses to “Agnes Obel”

  1. eupho :

    I wonder how famous Agnes Obel is the USA? Cause in europe at least in France she’s well known now !

    Cheers, Nico.

  2. ARNMAC :

    I have to say I have never heard of her. I will have to look into her music a little bit more!

  3. marvin :

    I like her, especially her songs~~

  4. Joey :


  5. Jessica :

    Love It! Love It! Love Her……..