Ane Brun

norwegian singer/songwriter // guitar

Back in 1998, Ane Brun (real name Ane Brunvoll), used to play in the streets to anyone who’d listen to her songs while travelling around Spain. Few years later she moved to Stockholm, Sweden where she started her own independent record label, performing live a lot and recorded the debut album Spending Time with Morgan (named after her beloved acoustic guitar, Morgan). After taking in Grammys in Norway and Sweden, she spent the past couple of years touring, playing at many festivals, supporting such artists as Keren Ann and A-HA. This last year she sat down to deliver her sophomore release, A Temporary Dive, a minimalist masterpiece of songwriting.

A less quirky Ani Difranco, shooting straight from the heart.
Ane Brun – My Lover Will Go
Ane Brun – Rubber & Soul
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10 Responses to “Ane Brun”

  1. Tonamel :

    The first link is broken, it should be

    Good stuff, as always!

  2. Paul Irish :

    I think I fixed it about the same time you posted your comment. Hah. :)
    Thank you sir!

  3. Willy :

    Yah! Go Ane! Check out the beautiful “This Voice” track also. Great sound.

    And the newest album, “Duets” is also awesome.

  4. ylime :

    simple purity. i love that music is starting to return to reality and to talent with soulful singers and actual songwriters making it back to the charts.

  5. Duke of Straw :

    thanks for the ane. she is sublime and beautiful.

    The Duke

  6. runman :

    Wow…that was a treat…thanks again.

  7. Hannes :

    I didn’t know her – what a shame!

  8. Leon :

    Gorgeous voice. I’m not usually a fan of the female voice but since being a part of this site I’ve discovered Imogen Heap, Claire Sproule and now Ane – thanks Aurgasm :)

  9. BreakThru Radio :

    […] enough.Originally from Norway but living in Sweden, Ane has been called the Swedish Dolly Parton, "a less quirky Ani DiFranco," and I would say she's even more of a high-pitched Tracey Chapman, but why equate her to American […]

  10. Kyle :

    her Live in Scandinavia album is one of my all-time favs