Rodrigo y Gabriela

exotic world instrumental // flamenco guitar

Of all recommendations from my readers, R y G has been mentioned most frequently. This worldly and adoringly cute couple emerged from Mexico’s metal scene and now resides in Dublin, making music you’d expect from Argentina. Their trademark red-hot guitar technique and harmonies spark your attention, but the timeless songwriting holds you tight. ‘Tamacun’ and ‘Diablo Rojo’ are off their newest eponymous release, while the video of ‘Capitan Casanova’ below is from their 2004 live album.

Baristas, prepare to be hounded for what these songs are.
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Tamacun
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Capitan Casanova

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22 Responses to “Rodrigo y Gabriela”

  1. Leo :

    WOW! These two are hot. Why oh why do their import CD’s have to be so expensive? However, it looks like I’ll have something to add to my playlist when I’m in the mood for Pata Negra.


  2. Paul Irish :

    Glad you like them, Leo. You can buy their stuff direct from their website:, though it is kinda pricey..
    If I were you, I’d create an account for iTunes UK and see if you can get some more there. :) Cheers.

  3. Jake :

    I see you added another of their songs! The first one is really awesome. I love it.

    Thanks, Paul!

  4. jam :

    these are great – thanks for posting them

    btw, their cover of Orion by Metallica is amazing – used to available for listening on their myspace site, might still be

  5. Anonymous :

    Top top quality music post! I loovahh flamingo.

    Check out the danish flamingo group “Flamingo Passion” they are nice too.

  6. runman :

    That video is stunning. :))

  7. simulacra :

    Some of the best stuff I’ve heard in a while. Thank you SO much for sharing. I’m blown away.

  8. ylime :

    Dude I really should check this more often. These two are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Gracias por tu estilo.

  9. Anonymous :

    how fantastic! Diablo Rojo is the best thing I heard since months..! :)

  10. zjokol :

    Wow, Sounds good.
    I’d call this tango metal.
    I love it.

    Sounds fragile, yet powerful.
    Thanks for the tip.

  11. Astrocytic-ally Yours :

    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of these two before. Thank you so much (as always)!

  12. mags :

    i just made reservations to see them this august…thanks for exposing me to them!!!

  13. gera :

    just saw them live in san fracisco…and they were amazing. i highly recommend going to their concert if they’re in your area.

  14. Alex :

    I’m going to see them in L.A. tonight. I can’t wait. :)

  15. Anonymous :

    that was an awsome Metallica-ish ending, i wanna see this Orion cover that “jam” mentioned.

  16. Anonymous :

    I saw them last night in Somerville. I never seen such amazing music come out of just two guitars.

  17. Anonymous :

    They played at the Cambridge Folk festival. They were interviewed for the BBC and said they started playing in a “trash-metal” band… so that may explain the resonance in their music (Metallica etc!)

  18. Anonymous :

    its flaMENCO, not falminngo, dingbats

  19. Anonymous :

    anyone give me an idea on the guitars these two are playing?

  20. Jim Harper :

    On their CD, they thank “Ovation” guitars…and I researched the Ovation website…a couple of guitars on there do look like the ones they play. Of course, they cost a small fortune. :)

    Amazing duo…simply amazing.

  21. Anonymous :

    They play custom built guitars by a guy called Frank Tate. Check their website.

  22. sandpaperhearts :

    After resolving some immigration issues, Rod y Gab are back in the states. Check out their updated tour schedule!

    Apr 16 2007 Webster Hall New York
    Apr 17 2007 Roxy Theatre (SOLD OUT) Boston
    Apr 18 2007 Electric Factory Philidelphia
    Apr 20 2007 National Geographic HQ (SOLD OUT) Washington DC
    Apr 22 2007 Berbati’s Pan (SOLD OUT) Portland, Oregon
    Apr 23 2007 Aladdin Theatre ( SOLD OUT) Portland
    Apr 24 2007 Showbox Theatre Seattle, Washington
    Apr 26 2007Grand Ballroom @ Regency Center (SOLD OUT) San Francisco, California
    Apr 27 2007 Santa Cruz @ Catalyst LA, California
    Apr 29 2007 Coachella Festival California
    May 1 2007 The Ogden Theatre Denver, Colorado
    May 4 2007 Chicago @ Vic Theatre Illinois