Sarah Jarosz

americana // bluegrass

When music reminds me of home, it stirs up childhood joys and fantastic daydreams of life yet lived. Vocal tones threading struggle with hope, telling lyrics backed by bluegrass or folk-rock, with mandolin and banjo especially hitting that note. Gavin Glass does this, as does Sarah Jarosz. On her debut, Song Up In Her Head, she captures escaping wonder with inner intimacy that’s incredible to realize is the work of a 17 year-old. Among her originals is the Grammy-nominated instrumental “Mansinneedof” and brilliant covers of Tom Waits and The Decemberists. Parts of a lifelong journey having a steady pulse of assurance on the road ahead.

Mandolin wind on the road that’s going home.
Sarah Jarosz – Tell Me True
Sarah Jarosz – Long Journey
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5 Responses to “Sarah Jarosz”

  1. Liz :

    I love this. I’m not usually an Americana/bluegrass fan, but Sarah Jarosz changed my mind today. Totally gonna buy her songs and check out more bluegrass music. Thanks for this post. You really opened up a new door for my musical ear.

  2. Dan :

    Brilliant music. A friend of mine introduced me to bluegrass a few years ago by taking me to a club to see The Toy Hearts. If you like Sarah Jarosz you should check them out!

  3. Dan Bowling :

    Wow. This is just what I needed after Nickel Creek broke up. Perfect.

  4. Anna H. :

    Beautiful, and such a mature voice and ability for a 17 year old. Just stunning.

  5. Billy :

    Going in the same playlist as Appalachia Rising. Wonderful.