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The sounds of Ben l’Oncle Soul are spreading through Europe, with a major hit this summer in the form of an uptempo soul cover of “Seven Nation Army”.┬áSigned to Motown, Ben has all elements covered. Some say his style is not original enough, but when the styles are blended and performed this well, and the songs are this catchy, who really cares. This is good music. Period.┬áSo if you like soul & funk and appreciate a singer that knows how to manipulate his sound to range from John Legend to Jamie Lidell and back to all the soul greats from the ol’ days, this should be on blast.

French retro soul with a modern edge.
Ben l’oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army
Ben l’oncle Soul – Soulman

[Editor’s Note: Please join me in welcoming Sjoerd Kranendonk to Aurgasm. Also known as zephirnl on soundcloud and @mffonline on twitter, he has a mean habit of unearthing the good ‘n raw funky stuff. We’re thrilled to have him share his best finds here.]

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20 Responses to “Ben l’Oncle Soul”

  1. Paul Irish :

    Oh yah btw.

    Dear Motown,
    We tried really hard to get in contact with you so we could share this awesome stuff with your blessing. But we couldn’t.
    Plz don’t file a takedown notice; that would be rather uncouth.

  2. ptamaro :

    Ben’s rendition of “Seven Nation Army” is fantastic. It’s so groovin’ good, I had to listen to it several times just to soak it all in…

  3. DK :

    awesome stuff
    Perfect listening for this Monday afternoon.

  4. ChelseaAdora :

    Woohooo what a nice groove.

  5. Mats :

    I posted this on my blog ^_^; these songs are awesome =)

  6. Ben Kulbertis :

    Awesome! Love this guy!

  7. Virgil :

    another amazing addition from aurgasm.

  8. Jumpy Snark :

    Thanks Sjoerd for the awesome selection, please keep posting!

  9. jd :

    so over him –‘

  10. Mike :

    Bought after hearing this. Great stuff.

  11. Elizabeth :

    Love this!!!

  12. Pjbrady :

    Bought. I have now officially lost count of the albums aurgasm has forced me to buy.

  13. Diamante :

    His acoustic version of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” made my day. Thanks for the find!!

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  15. Rosscott :

    I’m waiting for a US release. MP3 download or non-import would be great. I’ve been listening to these 2 songs on high rotation for a while now.

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  20. arjuns863 :

    Bought. I have now officially lost count of the albums aurgasm has forced me to buy.

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