The American Dollar

post-rock // cinematic ambient

Please click play. Then click full screen. Big headphones are recommended, as well. “Anything You Synthesize” comes with a heavyweight cerebral punch, but it’s delivered a on silken aural ether. The American Dollar, a Queens, NY duo, construct experimental ambient sonic explorations with a healthy rock influence. This video, created by the Onesize design studio, turns a cinematic song into an enveloping sensory experience. (thx, zimsical)

Mighty sonic expertise meet visual cameracraft.
The American Dollar – Anything You Synthesize
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32 Responses to “The American Dollar”

  1. ThisMusicSucks :

    The music is amazing and the film clip was an incredible storyteller. Very nice way to wake up this morning. :)

  2. dirkhaim :

    Cool post rock stuff + great writing

  3. haxy :

    absolutely my type of music! it’s so beautiful! please please post more stuffs like too! thank you for introducing the american dollar to me.

  4. Jim :

    I haven’t visited this site in a month or so. Coming back, almost every entry on the main page is fantastic and varied. Keep up the good work.

  5. charlie :

    delicious and beautiful. thanks!

  6. Daniel :

    American Dollar oO

    Have to thanks stumble once again for coming up with quality content that id never ever find myself ;p

  7. Ted :

    I LOVE this song…More like this. Great website! Stumbled on it!

  8. BOOMFOX :

    Really great material – stumbled upon this :)

  9. Chris :

    Thx 2 who ever made added this 2 stumble. Really nice vid/music.

  10. jason.e.f.monk :

    Awesome song and video! This is my first visit to the site, it’s wonderful! I’ll definitely be visiting Aurgasm again.

  11. Taylor :

    Cool song, I really like the video. Reminds me a lot of Explosions in the Sky. The only thing that bothered me was I think the compressor artifacts they used as an effect at the end of the song kind of squelched the cathartic build they were going for by keeping the ambience of the drums and pianos from reaching their full potential. I’ve heard this done on a couple of songs lately; it must be a new production fad or something. Let’s hope it doesn’t get abused on the level of snare drums with gated reverb from the 80’s. Cool track overall though, and Aurgasm is my favorite place to hear about new music.

  12. Kathleen :

    Holy shit holy shit holy shit! This was amazing. Wow

    I just didn’t like the bunny at the end. But other than that…. it was great. I really liked the flies at the beginning.

  13. Kyle :

    Reminds me a lot of BT & his videos. Very cool.

  14. Penelope :

    This song is amazing! I’m glad to have Stumbled your site!

  15. Maria :

    Thank you for this phenomenal music! Just found your website and I’m awestruck! I totally love it.

  16. Ilona :

    This video is very cool and interesting and I enjoy it! I love The American Dollar and I was searching it for youtube and the other songs is very beautifully too, but “Anything you Synthesize is the best song that I was never heard! : D (I-m sorry, but English is not my mother language : b )

  17. Loli :

    glad I came back for the movie. It is a little heartbreaking too. Thank you for a great Aurgasm!

  18. ian :

    very nice

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  21. Paul :

    Most delightful composition to enhance the video, although tha music alone leaves me when I leave the screen.

  22. ray. :


  23. Sonia :

    i love this <3

  24. Cleber :

    awesome!!!!! epic

  25. Jordan :

    This is such a hopeful story. Love the music as it moved the narrative along the lines of an expectation for tomorrow. Great job. I will pass this along!

  26. Bobbin :

    If you like this stuff look up Red Sparrows and Russian Circles

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  28. Allayna :

    Stumbled onto this review a couple weeks after it was posted. First song I ever heard by these guys, and I’ve loved their music ever since!

  29. Kelly Carpenter :

    Loved it! Loved it! I’m just connecting with modern post-rock as I think maybe my music loosely fits this genre. Any suggestions for other great music like this would be appreciated. Cheers!

  30. Wake+Flow :

    Very dope! Have to start following this group a bit more.

  31. Cory :

    Wow.. All I can say!

  32. Zidkim :

    So surreal and intoxicating!