Aaron Parks

jazz // rock

Aaron Parks was born in Seattle “” though he currently lives in Brooklyn with the rest of his taste-making hipster brethren “” and you can almost hear the city in his music. The pitter-patter of rain in the cymbals, the grey swoop of fog in the guitar, and the occasional glimpse of sun in the piano; “Nemesis” is a Mt Rainier in the haze, and “Roadside Distractions” is a fish flying through the air at Pike Place Market. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it all. But either way it’s a nifty album “” take a listen and see for yourself.

A city’s worth of sounds.
Aaron Parks – Nemesis
Aaron Parks – Roadside Distraction
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6 Responses to “Aaron Parks”

  1. Rob :

    These were awesome, I am no compelled to go find more.

  2. Troy :

    Love this guy’s stuff, the guitar part’s so good, I actually thought it was a trumpet when I first heard it.

  3. Ronnie :

    Really liked Nemesis. Thought it started out a little… tame sounding perhaps, but really enjoyed it in the end. Lovely guitar work.

  4. Zack :

    I’m pretty sure he spent years living in New Orleans

  5. Izzy :

    I can’t believe he’s only 26, his music is refined beyond his years. I can’t pick it out which, but I think he’s done some soundtracks.

  6. Janie Gumm :

    The music is over the top and outstanding the only thing that would be better would to recriut Adam Routte from Woe Of Tyrants granted its heavy metal but the boy was classically trained and has an eclectic sound that needs to be shared with a like soul!!!