Micky Green


Renaud L├ętang, one of the most sought-after French producers, known for lending his hand to Feist, Jamie Lidell, Manu Chao and Peaches, took interest in the songwriting attempts of a young Australian model Michaela Gehrmann a.k.a. Micky Green. Combining his professional skills, Micky’s desire to create music, and focusing on rhythmic structures, the two recorded White T-Shirt (2007). Blessed with a stylish production, “Oh!” provides the listeners with fashionable electro beats, while retro-romantic “Now it’s gone” is both surprisingly quirky and delicate.

Electro-tinged treats.
Micky Green – Oh!
Micky Green – Now It’s Gone
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7 Responses to “Micky Green”

  1. nivek :

    very good!like it,you have been nice to introduce me to so much great music!thanks…

  2. Tim :

    Good stuff! How do I buy it?

  3. Jacob G :

    Thanks as always – this one really made my day!

  4. Arthur :

    Really lovely tunes, I’m loving Oh!

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more!

  5. b-dot :

    “now it’s gone” is wonderful!

    thanks for sharing.

  6. Alan :

    I love, love, love “Oh!” I love your blog! Thank you for a great year in music!

  7. Adia :

    Thanks for this, I really like it!