J. Ralph

classical // operatic

Do you recall the beat of Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See? Now imagine a man and woman singing operatically over that beat in Italian, with a gently plucked classical guitar and accordion filling the air. If you’ve seen Volkswagen’s Big Day commercial, you’re one million miles closer to what’s in store with this adventure. So take a trip with a thrift shop warrior and hear what happens when a not-so-average Josh takes command of an 85-piece orchestra as only part of his medium.

Evocative soundscapes with lush, orchestral backdrops.
J. Ralph – Mi Ricordo
J. Ralph – Thrift Shop Warrior (Instrumental)
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13 Responses to “J. Ralph”

  1. Peyton :

    Thanks for posting this…I can’t stop listening to Thrift Shop Warrior

  2. Maia :

    “Mi Ricordo” is stunning.

  3. Noya :

    God bless you for your blog.

  4. Vince :


    this hasn’t been posted by paul himself…

  5. Viviane :

    It’s in the spirit of Paul Schwartz’s work. This is great! Thanks for posting.

  6. Fabien :

    Great, as always on aurgasm. A thousand thanks for this, and for your blog.

  7. Colin :

    This is incredible! The entire album is spectacular — if you want to hear more go to J. Ralph’s website where you can listen to every song off his albums. [www.jralph.com]

  8. Jeremy :

    this guys is awesome. thanks a lot.

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  10. Ross :

    on his unprinted “b sides” up for free listen on his web site he has a a stuning vocal version of “Thrift Shop Warrior”

    And yes J.Ralph a.k.a Spy is a once in a thousand years, one in a hundred million, honest to goodness genius. This is coming from a official MetallicA fan club member

  11. Tommy Biondo :

    I recently had a massage with J Ralph music in the background…Bravo

  12. Alicia :

    how and where can i find the lyrics to “mi ricordo”?

  13. Lynn :

    I am in love with his music!! Mi Ricordo is the most beautiful, moving song I have ever heard. Thank you J. Ralph!