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Featured on Aurgasm three years ago, The Lovers transfered a catchy rumba riff into their delightful lounge track “Crick Crack”. In 2007, exploring her entrancing style, French chanteuse Daphné adopts the same riff to her delicate arrangements of “Musicamor”. Beautifully comprised of Daphné’s airy voice and Gonzales’ piano playing, “Un Homme Sous Influence” reveals such a personal sense of poetry. Daphné manages to take her listeners on a voyage of subtle emotions and sentiments, and was compared to a fairy by the French press.

Enchanting voice weaves into well-crafted compositions.
Daphné – Musicamor
Daphné – Un Homme Sous Influence
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16 Responses to “Daphné”

  1. Lolo :

    I’m a french teacher and I love so much french music. Thank you for posting those beautiful songs. Have you heard Constance Amiot? Two songs are awesome: “rendez-vous de novembre” et “clash dans le temps”.
    Au revoir! et merci pour les chansons. Ton weblog est merveilleux!

  2. velt :

    Dammit ! This is not what France is about ! What makes you americans like this ? Is it because it’s all young girls with floral dresses, whispering in your ears and you can dream they want to hump you ?
    France used to have a much more mature art world. It still exists, but is ignored and instead this kind of bullcrap is shoved down our throats (or ears rather) through television and radio. It’s either wanna-be-gangsta rappers, or these degenerating “French chansonniers”.
    This is not “subtle”. It’s just weak.

  3. Pete :

    @ velt:
    Would be nice, if you could share some of that mature art with us.


  4. coulix :

    ahah velt,
    I am french and still find a way to enjoy this kind of immature music.

  5. velt :

    Suit yourself.

  6. Peyton :

    Velt i would also really like if you would share some of the more mature art from france with us

  7. velt :

    I gave some pointers here : http://aurgasm.us/2007/10/vincent-delerm/#comments

  8. Guuzbourg :

    “Is it because it’s all young girls with floral dresses, whispering in your ears and you can dream they want to hump you ?”

    Rarely I saw my musical taste described so eloquently.

  9. velt :

    Perhaps you’d discover great things if you cared first about the music. Teenage girls can only take you so far.

  10. Paul Irish :

    Velt, I’m not interested in this sort of attitude here on Aurgasm. If you’re unhappy with the music we feature here, please feel free to use your own blog to share your own musical picks with the world.
    But if you continue to devolve the discourse here, you can expect me to delete and/or ban your comments.

  11. Guuzbourg :

    ‘Great things’ you say? Boring progrocking farts like Magma? Wife-beaters and killers like Bertrand from Noir Desir? Two-timing bastards like Brel? Nah. I think I’ll stick to young girls in floral dresses, whispering in my ear. Chacun a son gout.

  12. velt :

    Mr Irish : Why would you have comments on the blog, if you don’t want people to comment ? I don’t get the logic here.
    Guuzbourg : Again, your judgments about music are not based on THE MUSIC, but on external facts. Why should I care about what musicians do to women in their bedrooms ? I’m not the police. I’m only interested in their work.
    You can dislike Magma, but don’t say it’s rock, because it’s not.
    Also, the phrase is traditionally : “Chacun son goût”. (Without a verb).

  13. Paul Irish :

    I want people to add to a useful conversation; not flame and name-call.

  14. Micha :

    Ah since a long time the first I don’t really like.
    The More I hear from her, the more it is going on my nerves.

    And I miss the Hey DJ It’s Friday section ;)

    and to the discussion above me:
    In the end it’s all about taste. And that’s subjective.

  15. velt :

    If this was an oral conversation, I’d say your ears are full of crap and you need to clean them.

  16. Valdes :

    Velt, people have been curteous to you, yet you have not shown them the same respect. The content on this blog, almost entirely, is out of your hands. Music is very much “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and as long as the Aurgasm crew continues to find treasure, I don’t care if you think it’s trash.