Elizabeth & The Catapult

singer songwriter // folk pop

While I enjoy friends that are predictable, I prefer my music to surprise me. A heavy dose of dynamic songwriting will surely snag my attention, so when E&TC’s track “Momma’s Boy” slips from folk to Jon Brion pop to vaudeville and back, I can’t help but crack a smile. With an instrumentation including cello, viola, flugelhorn, bass, violins, and trumpets along with songs like “Waiting For The Kill”, Elizabeth et al. feel like America’s extroverted answer to Psapp.

1st in line from a strong, eclectic compilation.
Elizabeth & The Catapult – Momma’s Boy
Elizabeth & The Catapult – Waiting For The Kill
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13 Responses to “Elizabeth & The Catapult”

  1. Cheap Reveal :

    Hey I just wanted to say that I found your site today, and these songs are really amazing. I am also a web geek from Boston currently working on my undergrad at Northeastern University!


  2. Kenji :


  3. Lyze :


    This one is one of my favourites.

    I haven’t commented in some time, so I thought I should and say that the way you find these bands is amazing.

    There are probably 10 extra records I need to go buy (somehow) now.

  4. Jacob :

    Wow what a great voice!

    Thanks Paul.

  5. Jérôme Servant : SurMonBlog :

    thank you for these beautiful sound discoveries, that made more than one year which I cross myself this universe that you propose with always as much pleasure.

  6. adingbobo :

    i am LOVING momma’s boy. thanks!

  7. Anonymous :

    nice find!

    in other music blogs, i have to sift through so much mediocre material to find something i like, but you seem to come up with a jewel with each post. a true example of quality over quantity.

  8. Steven Smethurst :

    Very nice.
    I enjoyed this a lot.

  9. angad :

    this shit is hot better than the myspace hit

  10. Miss Tiggy-Winkle :

    Oh, this is fun. I like how sassy ‘Momma’s Boy’ is. Thanks!

  11. Adam :

    Genuinely impressed with “Waiting For The Kill,” and it has earned a permanent place on my playlist (as permanent as such things go).

    How often do you get to hear a song with an awesome beat, great vocals, and 5/4 time?

  12. Steph :

    Totally ordered the Ep online. Its AMAZING!

  13. Conner :

    If only I had found your website a while ago, I would have found them so much sooner…I actually have no clue how I found out about them, but I’m happy I did, because they’re amazing