Ane Trolle

urban soul // trip hop // female vocals

Ane Trolle popped up first on our radar as a vocalist for Trentemoller in “Moan”. She has since brought her voice to the new downtempo Ubiquity signing Peder; on “White Lillies”. Now, Ane joined forces with fellow Copenhagenite Pato Siebenhaar for “Sweet Dogs” under the name Trolle//Siebenhaar, obv. Ane’s textured and urban voice glides above a weathered reggae production. (Thx, Brandon!)

Distinctive vocal timbre against city beats.
Trolle//Siebenhaar – Sweet Dogs
Peder; – White Lillies (feat. Ane Trolle)
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Calling all Parisiens, Barcelonins, and Stockholmarna!

I will be going on vacation in Europe this July and would love to meet up with you! I’ll be visiting Paris, Barcelona, and Stockholm from July 4th to the 16th with my lovely lady. I’m looking for friends to stay with (got a free bed or couch?) or friends who could show me the interesting and hip places I need to check out (as I know you all already have such fine taste ;-) Places to eat, clubs to dance at, etc.. If you think you could help me out, email me! Merci beaucoup, moltes gràcies, and tack sÃ¥ mycket!

15 Responses to “Ane Trolle”

  1. Benoit :

    I’m in Paris to 12 july.
    If you haven’t got bed maby, it be possible to sleep in my flat.

    boytruc(at) (msn and mail)

  2. Brandon :

    Check out Velly (52 Rue Lamartine, 9e Arr) when you are in Paris. Quite possibly one of the best resteraunts I have ever been to.

  3. Paul Irish :

    Language help thanks to: Jordi, Skoodog, Angad, random guy on piratebay, and Yahoo answers.

  4. Ali :

    this is great music, thanks!

  5. Jacob :

    Ooo, I remember Anne. Great music.

    Anyway! Have fun on your vacation, Paul!

  6. mattdeuce :

    Check out which is historical audio walking tours you can download to your ipod.

  7. Anonymous :

    Three great cities Paul, Barcelona being my personal favorite. Any chance of a summer soundtrack this year? 2006’s was killer.

  8. Paul Irish :

    @Anon, I don’t know if I can rock another sndtk this summer, but I’ll definitely be doing another DJ mix!


  9. Tove :

    Underbar is a good restaurant in central Stockholm.

    If you have any knowledge of Swedish (or would like to try anyways) lists things to do for free, and claims to have all sorts of information about the city. The official website is

    Have a great time on your trip!

  10. Anonymous :

    I noticed she only makes an appearance on the Cd – any other place we can find her?

  11. Paul Irish :

    @Anon, I would watch T//S’s myspace to see where they’re going next. That project looks promising!:

  12. Natalie :

    Thanks for the all the great music, Paul (and company). I am so glad I stumbled across this site; I have found so many unique new favorites here lately.

    Keep it coming!

  13. Stiene :

    Isn’t that just a heavenly voice and great music to live to? Stiene – Bad Wimpfen

  14. Rekha :

    That Sweet Dogs track is fantastic. Give me more like that!! Have a great time in Europe. I’ll be there in early August – London, Paris, Brittany. Put some good stuff in your Upcoming if you hear of anything.

  15. сергей :

    музыка супер!!!!! удачи !!!!!!