Name That Artist #1

Oftentimes I like to play the “Name that artist” game with my friends. First one to trainspot the tune gets the points. Here’s what I’m guessing the blog equivalent would be:

Once whoever wrote this tune is identified, I’ll post two more tracks from them. And you’ll like those even more. Good luck!

Wow that was quick! You guys nailed it. The song was composed by Yoko Kanno and performed by The Seatbelts. One post coming up!

12 Responses to “Name That Artist #1”

  1. Tony Cabrera :

    sorry to bust the bubble so early
    but i love these guys

    The Seatbelt’s New York Musicians

    and the song

    The Egg and You

    from the Cowboy Bebop Sountrack

  2. Simon :

    Oh right, that’s it! But according to the ID3-data for my Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack the song is called The Egg And I. Are there perhaps different versions of this song?

  3. Tony Cabrera :

    The Egg And I is more of an accoutic verios with drums flute and guitar

  4. Rob' :

    Yeah, Yoko Kanno loves to make different variations around a same theme, and name them variations around a same name..
    The soundtrack of this anime serie has been haunting me since I saw the show (was 4 or 5 years ago), and not a month has passed without it playing on random in my place.. Gee it’s good.

  5. Jimbalaya :

    I thought it was Yo La Tengo based on the first 10 seconds.

  6. Anonymous :

    Let’s get something straight. I read this blog to get updated about new music, and for freebies.

    Too many more of your games or who knows, rants, and I’m off. There’s always another blog waiting for me.

  7. Jacob :

    Apparently my comment didn’t post earlier? Either way, Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts are awesome stuff! I was a bit surprised to see them here, haha. Keep up the good work, Paul.

  8. Paul Irish :

    Thx for the comment, anon. It’s been duly noted.

  9. Miss Tiggy-Winkle :

    Oh, that’s fun.

  10. Antony :

    It’s awesome when a band I’m already aware of gets on here. Makes you feel like you’re not alone in your uncommon tastes in music. Great choice, Paul. :)

    And regarding the Anonymous comment, to each their own. I find little spur-of-the-moment contests and trivia to be fun. Besides, the whole “freebies” thing is to spread the music, not give it away. :)

  11. Micha :

    hm, strange, I know that song only with a different instrument-combo… which sound less cool. o,o”
    Ok, Tank from them is awesome thou’. But I really like this version of this song. Good find :)

  12. lj: devour_me :

    The drumstick’s had me immediately thinking of Air – Playground Love, but I knew it wouldn’t be that easy :P