Hannah Fury

american singer-songwriter // dark piano ballad

From the moment I first heard Hannah Fury’s piano playing, it drew me back to that primal facination with piano and female vocals. To me, it is a beautiful transformation of Tori Amos-like sounding glamour, wrapped into sophisticated and phantasmagoric tales. With a gentle touch of goth, Hannah’s music is not depressing, but it’s wonderful to listen to on a gloomy day.

An inventive interpretation of the traditional ballad.
Hannah Fury – Scarborough Fair
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13 Responses to “Hannah Fury”

  1. Hugh :

    Awesome… Hannah’s the first musician I’ve heard of before you posted about them… finally!! Good stuff, too.h

  2. Anonymous :

    you haven’t heard of miles davis or yo-yo ma?

  3. Hugh :

    Hahah, fine, Hannah Fury is the first obscure musician I’ve heard before they were posted about on here. :P

  4. Anonymous :

    That link seems to be down. Help?!

  5. Paul Irish :

    thanks anon. its moved to here

  6. Anonymous :

    I like…I like…

  7. starttothink :

    I just came across your site, and love it!

    Thanks for having awesome music up. Now I have a list of music to go buy…

  8. beketaten :

    Thanks for featuring her! I’ve not heard this song before, and I’ve always adored her.

  9. beketaten :

    Thanks for featuring her! I’ve not heard this song before, and I’ve always adored her.

  10. Paul :

    Agreed, she is awesome! She’s really upped the ante on her new album “Through The Gash”. She’s an artist i would recommend to anyone. More people need to hear her music. You can check her out on lastfm:-
    She’s posted mp3’s here and on her own website :-

  11. guarana :

    Nothing related to Hannah but when I think “female vocals and piano” Regina Spektor is the first name to pop. Give her a listen if you don’t know her name already ;)

    She has a couple of pop-y tracks that have been grabbing attention lately, though she has jazziers songs on her records too. Shes lovely ;)

  12. Julija :

    We love Regina. She is a goddess.

  13. Anonymous :

    damn i just came across this! we over her at the xo offices listen to the record all day long! AND REAL LOUD! WE xo hannah! beautiful woman!