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Helena Noguerra is a Belgian born successful model, acctress, singer-songwriter, singing and writing her own lyrics in French, Portuguese and English. She has worked as a radio DJ, published two novels, covered Kylie’s “I just can’t get you out of my head” in a very sensual version. While still modelling, she was meeting up with musicians, doing collaborations and also met Philippe Katerine who did most of the composing and producing of their two rather different projects. Azul (2003) is mostly bossa nova influenced with subtle electronic touches while Née dans la nature (2004) follows French chanteuse tradition.

Gentle as spring rain and as intimate as a careful whisper.
Helena – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (track 11 on the Aurgasm Summer Soundtrack)
Helena – Je Nageais Nue
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    Interesting, thanks

    Just started my own music blog

    Please come and see it, and maybe share some ideas!


  2. Newsless :

    If you like Helena you can listen to her last project with frederico Pellegrini, Bang !. http://myspace.com/dillingergirlandbabyfacenelson

  3. Julija :

    I like this project a lot and I’ll just add this link with a few live mp3’s:

  4. Guuzbourg :

    Helena guest-stars on a lot of other albums, by Doriand, Ollano, Mary L, Katerine and Projet: Bikini. If somebody has that Projet:Bikini album, pleasepleaseplease let me know!!
    Btw: you know Helena’s the sister of Lio, right?

  5. Julija :

    And Dimitri from Paris to add to the list. :) Hm, no, I didn’t really know about Lio. Merci. Speaking of Projet: Bikini, I’ve only heard Minimum and seen the video, voila:

  6. Guuzbourg :

    Well, I have Projet:Bikini now. Will post tracks some time next week. But first: charlotte!

  7. Laety :

    I have been waiting for you to discover her! She’s one of my favourite french artists. I have all 3 of her albums, and her collaboration with Ollano–you should check out ‘Latitudes’ and ‘partir revinir’, it’s french trip hop. My favourite cd of Helena is Projet:Bikini

  8. Anonymous :

    Beautiful songs!

  9. Lola :

    Is it normal that all old post mp3 previews aren’t working?
    If so, it’s a real shame… :(