Hanne Hukkelberg

norwegian eclectic // vocal

This post will be the first time I’ve featured an artist twice on Aurgasm, but I do it without shame. I introduced Hanne last October, along with her beautiful track Ease. This time, Hanne covers the Pixies track ‘Break My Body‘, trading stage-shaking instrumentation for bedroom intimacy, brash demands for a somber plea. Leading with a tender bassline, a flute peeks around the corner, drawing your attention to the concrete steps where Hanne delivers her words. Brushed percussion and a squeezebox provide a warm coat for Hanne’s cold delivery.

“Turning a screed into a seethe and teasing out the drama. Powerful song.
Hanne Hukkelberg – Break My Body (live) (track 12 on the Aurgasm Summer Soundtrack)
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5 Responses to “Hanne Hukkelberg”

  1. Johnny :

    Incredible!!! Thank you so much for this! I can’t imagine this being pulled off live -its perfection. How many backing vocalists does she have on here?

    This could possibly replace the Bad Plus’s Veloria for my favorite Pixies cover…

  2. Margaret :

    It’s not related to your post, which I have yet to hear…but I just got back from a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert and wanted to thank you for opening my ears to this duo. They totally rocked out and were having so much fun

  3. Anonymous :

    I saw her at the Big Chill 2 weeks ago and she was absolutely fantastic live. Thanks for recommending her months ago or i would have missed her.

    fabulous voice and the only person i know who plays a bicycle on stage


  4. Simon :

    I once saw a documentary in which Frank Zappa was playing (sort of) a bicycle. Not sure he’s ever done it on stage though :)

  5. LoRezSky :

    love it. i wasn’t aware that the pixies wrote stuff that was that good. should maybe give them another listen …