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Nuzzle these together for me: the songwriting flavor of Jack Johnson, the character of Amadou & Miriam, and the sound of the islands with the roll of an ocean wave. The Frenchman Jehro (pronounced ZHE-ro) moved to London at 20 and was absorbed by the Jamaican and Spanish influences around his Hammersmith flat. You can expect light and acoustic arrangments alongside Jehro’s chansonnier voice delivering lyrical sensuality. As for me, I expect to see a lot more of this cat.

Island love played cool.
Jehro – Everything (track 9 on the Aurgasm Summer Soundtrack)
Jehro – Long Is The Way
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16 Responses to “Jehro”

  1. Brian :

    Love the blog – seriously, best music blog I’ve ever read. The music you find is absolutely spectacular. Keep on rockin’

  2. Kelli :

    I just returned from a three week trip to Africa and found this site full of updates. Made my day!
    Great music choice with Jehro – as always :]

  3. Seidrik :

    C’est frais et agréable !

  4. Yallii :

    Great find indeed! His whole LP is pretty damn cool.

  5. Anonymous :

    Great music! Thank you.

  6. Anonymous :

    I love the Jehro songs. Keep up the great work.

  7. Anonymous :

    Loving these songs!
    Please post more. :)

  8. Anonymous :

    Summer is going to be over before all these songs get out… ;)

  9. Paul Irish :

    haha. maybe.
    i’ll get it moving.

  10. Peter :

    buahh! Sounds like Sting having a bad day

  11. laure :

    Here’s Jehro’s website:

  12. Jais :

    Damn I love this Jehro guy!
    His number “All I Want” is amazing. – It’s by the way to be found on the new Hotel Costes 9 compilation :-)

  13. soraya :

    I just wanted to say this blog is different. It´s full of strength and marvelous songs that remind you of different moments in each one´s lifetime.
    Go on with it…

  14. Lemonade :

    Hi all, it’s nice to here from Jehro!
    You’ll find a documentary about his short stay in New York, you should like it.
    4 episodes to come this week here:

  15. Anonymous :

    I am in love with “All I want” first song i heard on the 9the Costes CD and wow.. i am speechless. I am a musician myself and i am in shook of how good he put that song in and the lyrics.. man great stuff.

  16. Jasper Bower :

    Everything is orgasmic to my ears love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!