An Pierlé

belgian pianist // singer-songwriter

An Miel Mia Pierlé is a Belgian pianist, accordionist and singer-songwriter who had been touring with a theatre group, starring in a Belgium television series and giving solo performances before she signed her first record deal in 1998. Unlike the debut album, her second record, Helium Sunset (2002) , was released outside of the Benelux and France and received many positive reviews as well. And now she has come back with a new record An Pierlé & White Velvet (2006) written with her co-songwriter, arranger, composer and lover Koen Gisen. This is the result of everything Pierlé and Gisen have experienced and absorbed so far, the new sound of An that grows and creates something new.

Poetic and personal, sometimes sugary and bizarre.
An Pierlé – Jupiter
An Pierlé – I Love You
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5 Responses to “An Pierlé”

  1. runman :

    Couldn’t help but be reminded of Tori Amos. Very nice, thanks

  2. Julija :

    Interesting you mentioned this. In the beginning of An’s career, for the complex lyrics and professional piano play she was compared to Tori… Much to An’s surprise as she claimed she was not influenced by Tori Amos. If you ever have a chance try listening to the debut Mud Stories as well.

  3. LoRezSky :

    years ago i found a quirky version of gary numan’s ‘are friends electric’ by an. and, yes, very tori that one, too. but good to hear, nevertheless.

  4. Anonymous :

    I’m reminded of Poe as well. Hmmph. That’s a good thing though… of course.

  5. Anonymous :

    Mud Stories is piano & herself only, Helium Sunset and White Velvet are with more instrument. All are sublime!

    The more you listen to An Pierlé, the less will you think of Tori Amos. Tori is both a better singer and piano player, and I do like her music, but ‘on average’ and as a whole, An Pierlé’s albums are more charming.

    In my opinion, the difference you get to notice is that Tori Amos is rather dreamy (and she herself is too), while An Pierlé makes it real, much like a play or a movie makes you believe that’s is reality and you’re not escaping it, but you’re right in there.

    And her shows are amazing too. She doesn’t know how to be shy. Rather she’s intimate with all of the audience. Youtube that, brothers and sisters!

    Post Scriptum: I’m not her manager.